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Human hair Wig Maintenance

Human hair Wig Maintenance

  • Friday, 11 September 2020
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Human hari wig Maintenance

As with hair extensions, you should care for them as you would your own hair. That said, with wigs, in particular, there are some key factors to keep in mind to extend the life of your unit.

Take off custom wig shair every night and store them on a mannequin head. If your wig is sewn along your hairline, however, wear a silk bonnet or scarf at night to protect the hair and keep it in

tip-top shape (the same goes for lace front wigs that have been applied with an adhesive).

1) Wash your wig(s) with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

Your own hair benefits from the oils produced by your scalp, but wigs don't have a natural source of moisture, so you should avoid cleansing them with products that contain harsh detergents.

This is where sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners come in: They work as gentle cleansers, so you won't damage the integrity of the hair.

2) Don't wash them too much

How often you should be washing your wigs depends on how frequently you wear them. If you wear a wig daily, washing it twice a month is sufficient to ensure hair remains bouncy and

fresh-looking for as long as possible. But if you only wear a wig once in a while, a once-a-month wash will suffice. Never wash wigs more than twice in any given month, or you can risk

damaging the unit and shortening its lifespan.

3) Keep all wigs on a mannequin head when not in use

Unless your wig is sewn to your head, Suggests getting a mannequin head where you can rest it between wears. This also works as a great way to keep your wig's hairstyle intact

as you get ready to go out. Leave it on the stand, then slip it on before heading out the door.

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