Short Hair, Don't Care: Rocking Short Weaves This Season

Short Hair, Don't Care: Rocking Short Weaves This Season

  • By BrennasHair
  • Nov 29
Short Hair, Don't Care: Rocking Short Weaves This Season

Short Hair, Don't Care: Rocking Short Weaves This Season


Get ready to chop those locks because short hair is in! Short weaves are having a major moment right now as the hottest trend for the fall/winter season. all about embracing sophisticated, fuss-free hairstyles. From bobs to lobs (that's long bobs) to pixies and beyond, these chic short styles are perfect for making a bold statement without all the maintenance of length.


In this guide, we'll dish on everything you need to know to rock short weaves with confidence no matter your hair type, face shape, or styling abilities. We'll take you through choosing the right short length for your look, styling tricks to pump up the volume on thinner hair, solutions for pesky issues like itchiness and thinning edges, and even picking pops of color to update your new 'do. Plus, you'll see the 10 trendiest short weave hairstyles you need on your radar right now along with tips to keep them red carpet ready through the cooler months ahead.


So bid farewell to long summer tresses and say hello to glam short weave looks that are anything but boring! It's time to take the plunge with a dramatic new short style - this guide has all your new favorite chic, short 'dos covered. Let's get chopping!


The Hottest Short Weave Hairstyles This Season

Short bobs and lobs (long bobs) with clipped ends are huge runway trends that are spilling over into everyday street style. Go for an angled bob to frame the face or try a wavy asymmetrical lob for an edgy vibe. Top celebrity styles are Megan Fox’s textured pixie cut and Zendaya’s chic blunt bob - perfect inspiration for the best short cuts this fall!  


Tips for Styling and Maintaining Short Weaves

It’s key to style short weaves properly to keep them looking polished day to day. Use a light hold hairspray after heat styling to smooth flyaways and prevent frizz in cooler, drier air. Touch up the roots with a brush between washes and use dry shampoo to soak up excess oils. When washing, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to avoid strands drying out which leads to tangling. Limit heat styling to 1-2 times a week max to prevent damage too.


Short Weaves for Different Face Shapes  

An angled bob with sideswept bangs flatters round faces while heart shaped faces suit pixies and chin-length bobs to highlight killer cheekbones. Oval faces can pull off anything from a curly Miley Cyrus-esque shag to a wavy asymmetrical lob. For square faces try a layered bob with softened corners near the jawline or an pixie with longer side swept fringe to soften angles.  


Finding the Right Short Weave Length

The best way to find your perfect short style is going more dramatic than you think! If debating between a lob and bob, go for the bob - it’s easier to tweak shorter styles if needed. For petite girls, channel Twiggy with a collarbone grazing cut. Taller girls can go even shorter - try an above the chin pixie. Most face shapes suit at least chin length cuts to frame features. When in doubt, consult your stylist!


Volume Solutions for Thin Hair

Boost flat roots with a root lifting spray like Kenra's Platinum Blow-Dry Spray then blow dry upside down. Add texturizing mousse before curling strands in different directions too. When you’re on the go, sprinkle in some dry shampoo - massaging it in lifts hair at the roots for instant volume until your next wash!


Transitioning from Long Hair

Going from long to short locks can feel scary! Make the transition in phases, starting with collar bone length then gradually going shorter until you feel comfortable. Use extensions and clip-in bangs as you adjust. Adding layers as you cut incrementally helps remove weight and creates body too. Eventually you’ll wonder why you didn’t go short sooner!


Short weaves undeniably make a glamorous statement and will turn heads this season! With so many chic lengths and styles, from punchy pixies to longer cropped cuts, finding your perfect short ‘do has never been easier. By keeping your face shape, hair type, and daily styling habits in mind while choosing a lush, flattering wig cut that matches your personal vibe, going short is a no-fuss way to transform your look. Just think—no more split ends or endless styling time needed! Whatever dramatic short style you decide on, trust that it brings out your confidence and inner star power like never before. Toss out those scrunchies, say bye to long hair maintenance, and embrace the endless edge of short weaves with our tips! I promise, you won’t even miss your old long locks once you see how fab and fierce short styles can be. Ready to make the chop? This is one hair trend that is far from a cut above the rest!